By: Raymond Hackney

Crazy Egg and Single Grain have put out a very good infographic that looks to help site owners hone in on the effectiveness of their website.

Pr Daily broke down some excellent takeaways from the infographic.

How can you create a website that accomplishes all of these goals? Consider these eye tracking tips:

1. Put your logo in the top left corner of your website. Users remember a logo in this location 58.4 percent more than when it is in another area.

2. Place important content on the left side of the page. Users spend 69 percent of their time looking at the left half of a Web page.

3. Keep “F” and “E” eye patterns in mind when writing content and placing images. Readers’ eyes make “F” and “E” shaped patterns when they view a website-they scan horizontally less and less as they move down the page.

4. Put your most important information in the first two paragraphs on each page. Users spend 80 percent of their time above the fold on a Web page (the portion of the page you can see without having to scroll down).

5. Don’t use a lot of text. High-literacy readers will only scan your copy. Don’t bog them down with a lot of text.